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Biden’s Approval Ratings Hit Record Lows as Increasing Number of Democrats Add to Disapproval Numbers

This doesn’t bode well historically for democrats running for gubernatorial or congressional seats across the country


Author’s Note:

The following unbiased article was written by the fully accredited and degreed professional journalist, Kurt Dillon. It is fully sourced and linked to direct reports from: RealClearPolitics, Rasmussen Reports, The Zogby Poll, Quinnipiac University Polling, and The White House Press Corps.

For those of you who’ve been asking yourselves how much lower Joe Biden’s national approval rating could possibly go, today, you’ve gotten at least a partial answer. That answer is: lower than it was yesterday—and tomorrow isn’t looking too good either.

This morning, the RealClearPolitics average of the polls it peruses daily to gauge various political temperatures and approval ratings across the country, saw Biden’s aggregate approval rating fall to 39%, “the lowest of his presidency.”

Similarly, Rasmussen put his disapproval rating at 59% today, 1 percentage point shy of the Democrat’s worst.

Historically, this spells bad news for other candidates of the same party running to win or maintain gubernatorial or congressional seats across the country. As of now, Rasmussen reports that as of today, the GOP Congressional Lead Grows to 9 Points.

They also explained that their most recent poll of only the most likely American voters in all political parties indicates that fully Half of Likely Voters Strongly’ Disapprove of Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, that’s the good news for Biden. The authoritative Quinnipiac University poll posted its presidential approval numbers on Wednesday, showing Biden’s approval rating at just 33%, tying the lowest they’ve ever reported for his presidency.

As if that weren’t bad enough, we then have the Zogby Poll. that showed Biden’s base caving in with women, suburbanites, and even union members deserting him.

What’s more, pollsters see nothing coming up in Biden’s future that can jar his approval ratings in a different direction. Friday’s announcement that inflation was at 8.6% is expected to deflate the public’s view of the president further.

Kurt Dillon reporting – Because the Truth Matters!