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An IRS envelope with cashe on a table painted like an American Flag

The IRS Makes it Hard to Track Your Money, We Try to Help

The agency has recently released several updates to its website and mobile app geared to help taxpayers track their refunds

An IRS envelope with cashe on a table painted like an American Flag

Author’s Note:

We are not Tax attorneys, lawyers, accountants, or CPAs. The purpose of this article is to hopefully provide easier and quicker access to material that is already available, but which is perhaps not easy for everyday citizens to find.

The following article is directly sourced from – or directly links to – The website, IRS employees, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, and The Press Dept of the Internal Revenue Service.



The Purpose and Scope of this Article

As many of you, our readers know, several of our more recent articles have been about changes and issues surrounding our country’s Internal Revenue Service. Literally, hundreds of you, probably well over a thousand by now, have made comments on those articles which indicate that many of you are still waiting for your much-needed tax refunds–not only from 2021, but from years past as well.

As an investigative journalism independent news agency, our managerial staff decided to see if we might be able to help.

For sure, we can’t intervene between you and the IRS and get them to issue you a refund any quicker, if at all. But, what we can do is make sure that you have easy access through us to whatever resources the IRS has available to taxpayers with questions.

This is particularly important because, as many of you have found out the hard way recently, the IRS simply isn’t fielding telephone calls anymore. So we have compiled a set of links to pages within various IRS websites that might assist you with finding the information you need faster.

To be sure, there is nothing in this article that you couldn’t have found yourself if you rooted around for it long enough. Sadly, many people lack the ability or the desire to do that or to do it effectively. That’s where we decided to step in and provide a direct list of online resources which the IRS provides across several pages of their websites.

At least here you can save this article and use it as a resource guide to get back to the pages and the links that are most important to you. At least, that was our hope when compiling this. We hope it helps at least a few of you find easier access to information.

In a recent article, IRS Launches “Where’s My Refund” 2.0 we wrote about a Press Release, the IRS issued that claims they have made large-scale improvements to the usability and functionality of the “Where’s My Refund” page of their website. We hope this is the case. You can read about those changes and read the Press Release itself by clicking the link to our other article provided above.

The Links

The IRS main website —

The “Where’s My Refund” page (for tracking the status of your pending tax refund) — “Where’s My Refund”

Links to Download the free IRS2Go smartphone app for Android or Apple users. Downloading this app will allow taxpayers to use the quick app to track their refund status right from their smartphones’ cellular connections. This is especially helpful if you do not have easy internet access or a home computer. — IRS2GO App

Forms & Publications – This link takes you directly to the page on IRS’ website where you can download or print any of the forms that are required to be filled out and submitted to the IRS. There are also many links to publications on this page. Publications are ‘how to’ manuals that the IRS has written to help taxpayers properly fill out forms that might be difficult to understand or confusing.

Information for Individual Taxpayers – This simply means private citizens, not businesses. This is the link you would use to get information about how to file for yourself as well as your family, not just you personally. We included this link because we’ve received comments that claim people didn’t know where to find information if they were filing as a family, and not just as “individuals”.

This is a short list of links for sure. But these are the biggest issues we get questions about. If you are looking for some other information from the IRS and can’t find it on your own, you can feel free to comment with what you are looking for (we are humans and humans read all comments on our articles) and we will employ our troubleshooters to try and find the information for you…if we can…no promises.

We hope this minor bandage helps at least a few of you find the information you need.

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