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Saudi TV Biden Harris Skit

The Saudi Skit Mocking Biden and Harris That Went Viral – Globally Viral

While researching an article on how the world perceives of Joe Biden and his administration, this is what we found

Saudi Biden Skit

By now, it’s no longer exactly breaking news that the Saudis created a scathing video mockery of both The President and Vice President of the United States. What we were unprepared for but accidentally found, is that the video is extremely popular. Not just here in America (where it received over 4 million views on Twitter in just its first day), but all around the world.

Once this caught our attention, we began to specifically look for as many countries as we could find who posted articles online featuring the video. What we found, was shocking. Besides the English speaking countries we could easily image having fun broadcasting the video (England, Canada, and Ireland to name a few), we found a massive number of articles referring to the video from places like Sky News Australia, i24 News Israel as well as The Jerusalem Post, The Middle East Monitor, which publishes throughout Asia and the Americas as well as throughout the Middle East,  The Indian Express, and FirstPost in India,  The Arab News, which covers even more of the Middle East, ARY News of Pakistan, All Arab News which covers Egypt, Syria, The UAE, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, and so many others that quite frankly, we thought we might get carpal tunnel if we tried to paste the links to all of them.

If you would like an even more comprehensive list (yes there really are a lot more), our researchers found that by Googling the term: ‘Saudi Skit of Biden’ will never leave you disappointed.

Meanwhile, you can view the skit in its entirety at the bottom of this article.

Normally, a comedic skit such as this would be no big deal, but when we consider the fact that the television station Studio 22, which produced the skit, is a State-run Broadcaster and airs nothing that isn’t directly approved by the Crowned Prince himself, the nature of this video as well as the virility of it, might make it a bit less funny, depending on your perspective and beliefs.

That’s because the video portrays President Biden as a dithering and forgetful leader who falls asleep mid speech.

During the clip, two characters playing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk in front of a podium. The “Biden” character then starts to walk away before being pulled back and placed in front of the microphones by the “Harris” character.

In the sketch, Biden says he is “going to talk about the crisis in Spain” before being corrected by Harris, who whispers in his ear. Biden then says he is going to talk about the crisis in Africa, prompting another correction by Harris, before he finally says “yeah, Russia, yeah Russia.”

“I want to talk about President of Russia, Putin, yeah Putin. Putin, listen to me, I have a very important message for you. The message is…” Biden says before falling asleep while still standing up.

After being nudged awake by Harris, Biden continues: “And the president of China [to Harris], oh we didn’t finish Russia?”

Biden then mistakenly calls Harris the first lady, before once again falling asleep. Harris then grabs the president and pulls him off stage while telling reporters to “clap your president right now.”

A clip of the sketch was posted to Twitter by journalist Asaad Sam Hanna, where it has since been viewed many millions of times.

“For the first time I see the Saudi TV mocking the U.S. administration,” Hanna tweeted.

The clip has also been shared by The Daily Caller, which tweeted: “Saudi Arabia TV makes fun of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and honestly it’s funnier than SNL [Saturday Night Live].”

Replying to the Daily Caller’s tweet, Khaled al Farraj, the actor who portrayed Biden in the sketch, wrote: “Welcome to the world of Saudi comedy.”

In a follow up tweet responding to Hanna’s post, al Farraj wrote: “If you like it, we can shoot Part 2.”

Biden has been heavily critical of Saudi Arabia since he came into office due to their human rights violations and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

A U.S. intelligence report said The Washington Post reporter’s killing was approved by the Crown Prince, a claim that has been denied by the Saudi government.

In a March interview for The Atlantic, bin Salman said “simply, I do not care,” when asked if he is worried about what Biden thinks of him.

As always at The Veracity Report, it is never our intent to draw conclusions from the facts we accumulate. That’s your job. Our sole mission is, and will always be, to provide you with as many facts, from as many perspectives as we possibly can, so that you can use that information to formulate your own educated and well-informed opinions based upon truth instead of hyperbole and propaganda. We hope this piece has served that noble purpose.

Compiled by Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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