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Liz Cheney’s New Pronouns are ‘Was’ and ‘Were’ as Donald Trump Jr Releases Instantly Viral Homemade Celebration Video

This homemade compilation video of his father, Donald Trump Sr., dancing as he often does at his rallies amidst the backdrop of a very popular song, went viral within minutes of its release

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On Tuesday, August 16th, 2022, Liz Cheney lost the US House of Representatives seat she had won in 2016 and held since 2017, to Wyoming attorney and former member of the Republican National Committee, Harriet Hageman.

In and of itself, the turnout was widely anticipated by pretty everyone, including Cheney herself. What was largely surprising, however, was the margin that she lost by.

Wyoming Vote tally

As it turns out, despite both Liz and her father, former Secretary of State and eventual Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, pleading with democrats across the Equality State, to switch parties long enough to lend voting assistance to their anti-Trump-themed campaign, Cheney ended up losing to Hageman by over 37% of the total voting electorate.

As it turns out, according to Wikipedia, (you can view the entire history of the seat by clicking the link) which has a published record of every election for that seat dating back to its inception in 1890, the almost 40 percentage point loss is the largest single margin of defeat any sitting incumbent representative has ever suffered in the history of the State of Wyoming.


As if that weren’t enough humiliation for one day, during one of the most highly controversial concession speeches in the history of concession speeches – a speech where she took zero responsibility for the loss and blamed her entire fate on Donald Trump – Cheney directly compared herself to Abraham Lincoln no less than four separate times throughout the speech and repeatedly reminded everyone how wonderful of a thing it was that she was conceding at all (unlike Trump who she contends fought to keep his office, leading to the January 6th raid on the US Capitol).

Of course, even if true, Cheney completely overlooked the fact that Trump lost several key states by less than 15,000 votes. A drastically different scenario than the monumental whooping she took at the hands of the Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman that day.

However, in what was perhaps the greatest insult imaginable, shortly after the last of the votes were counted and Hageman had officially been declared the winner, Donald Trump, Jr. released a home-made video compilation of the notoriously awkward dance moves, his father is often seen performing at his rallies and community gatherings – all set to none other than the song “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey, ey, Goodbye.”

The song, originated by Tommy James and the Shondells is a staple at sporting events all around the world, but the video compilation made by the junior Trump, went viral within minutes after being posted on Twitter.

Even before her loss became official, there has been no shortage of rumors circulating about what the future might hold for Liz Cheney. Certainly, she has eluded to possible runs for President if not other offices, though if she does it will not be as a Republican, since the party has long ago voted to censure her and strip her of all leadership roles within the party due to her continuously rigorous attacks against former President Trump without the benefit of any official charges or even any solidly evidenced accusations being levied against him.

Whether you are a fan of 45 or not, that’s just not how America is supposed to work. The fact that the overwhelming majority of American citizens legally residing within our borders are starting to hold these blanket accusers accountable for the random accusations they continuously make but can never seem to prove, is probably just the beginning.

Now that officially 8 of the 10 total Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump over his alleged responsibility for the January 6th raid on the US Capitol have either been voted out by substantial margins or opted not to run for re-election because they themselves saw the futility in it, the fact remains that there is a price to pay for making false accusations against American citizens, especially former Presidents.

Hopefully, this trend of spraying every imaginable accusation around and hoping something sticks will be fought with even stiffer legal penalties and repercussions other than just devastating consequences to their political careers, in the weeks and months to come.

After all, for regular people living in most US states, making false accusations, particularly false accusations of criminal activity (akin to filing false police reports), can be charged as a felony. It’s probably long past the time our Department of Justice should start taking up that fight against fake ‘whistleblowers’ and others who make endless streams of false accusations, often times later found to have been completely contrived and manipulated (Steele dossier anyone?).

As always, we here at The Veracity Report will never attempt to tell you who you should trust or what you should believe. Our mission is, and always will be to present the facts of all sides and points of view so that you can use those facts to formulate your own, well-educated opinions based upon your beliefs and your own unique morals and values.

We hope this article, while providing a little jovial levity, has served that purpose.

Compiled by Chief Political Correspondent Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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