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The REAL Big Lie – Democrats Wrote the Book on Bogus Election Denials

Here are 10 minutes of absolute proof of real and true election denying


Most of what you are about to see consists of prominent Democrats (Many you might recognize, but some you probably won’t) insisting that numerous elections within the past 20 years were ‘stolen’ because of a plethora of reasons, including but not limited to, collusion with and interference from the Russians.

This is even more ironic now that we know for a fact that it was officials of the Democratic National Committee who forged the Steele dossier to counterfeit the appearance of Russian assistance and collusion with the Trump presidential election campaign ninth first place. Knowing that now, makes what you are about to see that much more powerful.

It’s more powerful because most, if not all of the people you are about to see in this video, knew the truth at the time they conducted these interviews, but they didn’t care. They didn’t care about the Constitution, or about the rights of individuals, or about civil liberties, or about racism, or about immigration, or about climate change, or about abortion rights.

The only thing these people cared about, was winning – at any expense to themselves or any cost to anyone else.

This, ladies and gentlemen, this video you are about to see, is the pinnacle of socialist liberal human depravity at its finest.

The fact that to this day, many of these same people who are still in various government positions, dare to ridicule tens of millions of Republicans and Independents across America whose votes were legitimately disenfranchised by the liberal election shenanigans during the 2020 election, is in fact, the ultimate epitome of hypocrisy.

Here’s the video proof, so you can see it for yourself.

We have to warn you, the sounds and images you are about to see, are truly, emotionally, psychologically, gutturally, and intestinally disturbing.

10 Minutes of Prominent Dems Telling The REAL Big Lies