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Update: Wray Confirms Thibault Allegations and Hunter Biden Criminal Investigation to Senate Judiciary

In his August 4, 2022, appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Chris Wray tries to remain elusive in his answers, but nevertheless reveals facts that have been hotly contested among Americans

In the video of Director Wray’s live testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which we have linked for you below, directly from our YouTube channel, Wray is being questioned by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA).

Kennedy, a life-long Democrat who turned Republican in 2007, clearly tells Wray that the primary focus of the hearing is to address the optics of the entire situation to the American people. He hits Wary hard regarding numerous politically charged comments and tweets made by the now former Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Timothy Thibault pronounced like ‘Tebow’ like the former college football star.

In the video, Kennedy asks Wray numerous times if Thibault, a 25-year veteran of the agency, was responsible for each tweet, to which, Wray replied:

“I have seen information like that, but I cannot comment on an ongoing personnel matter.” Wray was also quick to add: “This is not indicative of the behavior I see, every day as part of the day-to-day FBI.”

At the time of the interview, on August 4th, 2022, ASAC Thibault was still employed by the FBI, though he was serving a 30-day administrative leave for conduct unbecoming. Thibault has since been forced to resign or be terminated from the agency, culminating with his being physically escorted from the FBI headquarters by numerous active agents.

During the course of this hearing, however, Wray did reveal several facts which, at least up until that point, had been hotly contested among the American public.

Despite all efforts to remain elusive and ambiguous in his responses, during the course of the roughly 8-and-a-half-minute video, Wray unwittingly confirms that there is in fact an ongoing criminal investigation into Hunter Biden which is separate and distinct from the federal tax case in which the junior Biden is being represented by the law firm that Liz Cheney’s husband, Phillip Perry, is a partner of.

This is a necessary fact because, as is commonly known, the FBI does not investigate tax cases.

The Internal Revenue Service has it’s very own criminal investigation division which has the same full powers of subpoena and arrest as does the FBI, and perhaps even more so as their powers to seize and freeze assets are far more sweeping, at least from a judiciary perspective, than that of the FBI, who must go through the tedium of search warrants and judges to accomplish the same ends the IRS agents can achieve in-house.

Also, by not correcting Senator Kennedy when he mentions that Thibault is currently on leave, and further by stating into the record multiple times that he had to be careful about commenting on an ongoing ‘personnel matter,’ Wray surreptitiously confirmed that the ASAC was not only then serving a disciplinary leave from his duties, but that an ongoing investigation was underway regarding the actions and behaviors of that agent, which had possible Human resources implications such as more severe disciplinary action, up to, and including, termination.

As we know now, just a short time ago, Thibault was brought into FBI headquarters and given the option to voluntarily resign with his pension or be terminated and lose it. The now former ASAC opted for the first choice and resigned. After which, he was very publicly escorted out of the building by several armed agents.

Senator Kennedy made it very clear during the public hearing that it didn’t matter if actual bias existed, but the appearance of bias and the optics that appearance presented to the American people were simply too much to ignore. A sentiment to which, the FBI director reluctantly agreed.

But, perhaps most telling of all was that when Senator Kennedy asked Director Wray directly if the now former ASAC had been involved in the Russian collusion investigation, as well as intentionally impeding the investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop, Wray remained tightlipped and silent.

Once again, in this case, what Wray didn’t say, was far more significant than what he did say. Namely, if the questions were unilaterally untrue, there would be no risk to any ongoing investigations or ‘personnel matters,’ to categorically deny them – something Director Wray absolutely did not do.

How this information will affect these investigations going forward, remains unclear. What we do now know, is that there are in fact broader investigations taking place within the FBI and that the circumstances surrounding Thibault’s misdeeds were severe enough to warrant the forced dismissal of a 25-year veteran of the bureau.

As always, we here at The Veracity report will keep you apprised of future developments as they occur.