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Queen Elizabeth II – Dead at 96

Images of Buckingham Palace and half-masted flags are everywhere as England bids farewell to its longest-serving Monarch

In this, the last public photograph, taken this past Tuesday, of Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen carries out her final official act for the Crown by appointing Liz Truss as the next Prime Minister of Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II

Sadness reigns as many as a million people crowd into the square in front of the majestic Buckingham Palace to pay tribute, respect, and more than a few tears, for the elegant lady who had been their Queen for an unprecedented seven decades – since she was only seventeen years old.

After battling several illnesses in recent years, and spending more time of late away from the public eye than ever before, the Queen quietly and peacefully passed from this world early this afternoon at her Balmoral home in Scotland.

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla rushed to be by her side in time for her passing, but at this time we have not been able to confirm if they made it to the Monarch’s bedside before she passed.

There is no denying the elegance and opulence Her majesty emitted every day of her amazing life. Her tenure as Queen saw Britain through some of its darkest days, yet this amazing woman is leaving her beloved country a much different, and most would agree, a much better place than it was when she inherited the Crown some seventy years ago.

Notifications have already been circulated from authorities within England that, in honor of newly coronated King Charles, the British National Anthem will now be – “God Save the King.