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Outback Steakhouse, Warner Robins Ga

VERACITY FOODIE REPORT – Outback Steakhouse – 3088 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, GA

Our team decided to venture into a land down under and evaluate the Warner Robins Outback Steakhouse. This is what they found

Outback Steakhouse, Warner Robins Ga

To be fully transparent here, numerous members of our staff eat at this Outback frequently, particularly on special occasions, and have always had a great experience. So, when we decided to officially evaluate the location, it was pretty well assumed that this was going to be a walk in the park, so to speak – but it didn’t turn out that way at all.

As usual, to be the fairest to the establishments that we evaluate as part of the Veracity Foodie Report program, we visited the location on a weekday, during the time between typical lunch rush hours and the start of typical dinner rush hours. This is usually somewhere between 2 pm and 4 pm, and this visit was no exception as the times of the evaluation are clearly visible on the check which we will provide for you later.

The Restaurant was typically unpopulated for this time of day, with only a handful of patrons sitting at the bar, and 2 other tables of customers besides that of our evaluation crew.

Interior of Outback



Our team started the meal off with their favorite Outback appetizer, the Bloomin’ Onion, as well as a soft drink and a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee tasted like it had been brewed at around 6 that morning, and when the appetizer arrived, it too, was less than stellar. As you can see in the photo, the onion was significantly darker than they usually are, and this one was very greasy, as if the oil it was cooked in hadn’t been changed in quite some time.

Bloomin Onion

Fortunately, the warm pumpernickel bread was delicious as always, and our team asked for some extra because of it.

Pumpernickel bread

They each ordered the 11 oz., Center Cut Sirloin Steaks on this occasion. Both also ordered loaded baked potatoes as one of the two sides that come with their entrees, while one ordered the seasoned broccoli and the other ordered the asparagus as their second side.

Sirloin and Asparagus

The Broccoli and the potatoes were delicious, though the asparagus didn’t look baked and was saturated with some sort of butter sauce that was very atypical. It didn’t look either healthy or appetizing, so it ultimately went home to her Bassett Hound, Flash.

The male half of our team ordered his steak medium rare though, unfortunately, it came out virtually raw and he joked that when he bit into it, it bit back. Even more unfortunate was the amount of time it took for the server to return to the table, take notice that he wasn’t eating, and bring the steak back into the kitchen to be cooked a bit more.

Raw Meat


Returning with the meal also took an unfortunately long time (13 minutes) and the female half of our team was pretty much finished eating by the time the server returned with his food which was now at least cooked properly.

Medium rare Steak

Also, when the male half of our team asked for 57 sauce, the server, whose name we have redacted from the check for obvious reasons, provided it in a portion cup (called a souffle cup in the industry), instead of providing a bottle, several of which were visible on other tables and around te restaurant.

57 sauce in a souffle cup

When it was finally time for the check, our team noticed that the beverages were now a whopping $3.49 each and that there was a $2.50 upcharge on the check for the asparagus. That extra $9.50 they felt made the total of the check unnecessarily excessive.

Outback receipt

All things considered; the check ended up totaling $62.54 for a meal that our folks felt wasn’t worth half that much. Our staff never minds spending a bit more for a good experience and good food, especially here, a location many of our team often patronize. But, on this occasion, we would have to stretch to classify either the experience, or the meal, as mediocre.

Still, one bad experience amidst many previously excellent ones, won’t deter us from returning. However, we will definitely be a bit more cognizant of the check and more critical of the food quality over at least the next few visits. This will be particularly true when our CEO and his wife visit this location later this month for their anniversary dinner — a dinner they have already said will become a published re-evaluation of this report to see if any changes or improvements were made.


Our overall grade: D



The Positives:

1. The Items that were good, were really good

2. The restaurant and restrooms were very clean and attractive, producing only good aromas


The Negatives:


1. The staff was slow and unresponsive considering the low customer count.

2. Many of the food items were of poorer taste and quality than similar purchases have been in the past.

3. The beverage and vegetable upgrade charges were unnecessarily excessive.

4. Serving condiments in souffle cups which normally come in bottles, such as ketchup or 57 sauce, is unsanitary and could easily facilitate cross-contamination.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of The Veracity Foodie Report, and that it helps you in selecting where next to spend your hard-earned dining out dollars.

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