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VERACITY FOODIE REPORT: Five Guys Burgers & Fries 133 Margie Dr, Warner Robins, GA 31093

We evaluated the Five Guys restaurant located at 133, Margie, Dr., in Warner Robins, Georgia on August 24th, 2022. Here is what we found.

As part of WOMEN’s (Wild Orchid Media & Entertainment Network, Inc.) new effort to expand our coverage to our readers through our news channel The Veracity Report, we have decided to begin publishing reviews of the restaurants our tough foodie employee-critics patronize in the area around our corporate offices and recording studios throughout the state of Georgia.

In this, the very first installment of our brand new segment: The Veracity Foodie Report (VFR), two of our adventurous employees decided to evaluate the Five Guys Burgers & Fries franchise location, located at 133 Margie Dr., in Warner Robins, Georgia. They visited at about 1:25 PM, after making sure that the restaurant wasn’t too busy or in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon lunch rush, which could compromise peak efficiency, customer service, and even food quality, in certain cases.

It is always our intention when performing these critiques that the evaluations be as fair as possible to the establishments, management, and staff.

To begin, our secret shoppers ordered two bacon cheeseburgers, a medium fries to split between them, and one soda, with the second evaluator just ordering a cup of water.

Before we can get to the food itself, we have to say that our team found the prices in the cafeteria-style restaurant to be more than a little exorbitant for what they ordered. It turns out that a bacon cheeseburger at this Five Guys will set you back a whopping $12.69!

Almost as costly was the medium order of french fries, which cost an additional $6.09, but which at least ultimately delivered enough fries for two, making the average cost per customer at least a tolerable $3.05.

Our folks were also a bit taken aback by the $2.69 cost of a soda, though that does include continuous refills.

When all was said and done, this lunch excursion cost our team a mind-blowing $36.92 after tax, not what we would consider an affordable family lunch considering the fare of simple burgers and fries, as well as the school cafeteria-style porcelain tile decor and hard wooden chairs and tables.

After placing their order, the crew was told to take a seat in the dining area and that their number would be called to pick up their food shortly. They found their way into the dining area that only contained two other tables of patrons, but found every unoccupied table in the dining room (about 10 in all) was dirty enough with food droppings and paper detritus, to be unusable.

When one of our folks asked the staff for a wet rag, they were told to just wait a bit and someone would be out to clean the tables, so the team went to fill their drink cups while they waited. It took just under 4 minutes for someone to come out from the back to begin wiping tables for use, which turned out to be okay because our staff had to wait just under nine minutes to receive their order, so they had plenty of time.

When they finally got the call to pick up their food, almost a full ten minutes after placing their order, it was in a large paper bag with hot french fries liberally covering the foil-wrapped burgers inside.

To their credit, our staff found that the never-frozen, home-cut, and freshly cooked french fries were hot, perfectly salted, and thoroughly delicious. The burgers on the other hand, while good, were actually smaller in size and weight than most of the typical fast-food burgers are today.

We are sorry to report, that while the burger was hot, juicy, and tasty, it was definitely not worth the $12.69 price tag. In the end, our team got a good couple of burgers, and some excellent french fries, but paid entirely too much for a meal that, save for the exceptional quality of the fries, was directly comparable to any other fast food restaurant we’ve encountered, but which would have cost less than half of the price for the exact same order.

Our overall grade: C


The Positives:

  1. The food was good
  2. The staff was friendly

The Negatives:

  1. The restaurant was dirty
  2. The wait was substantially longer than it needed to be for the level of customers in the store
  3. The price was extremely excessive
  4. The quality and taste of the burgers were indistinguishable from any other fast food fare


We hope you enjoyed this, our first edition of The Veracity Foodie Report, and that it helps you in selecting where next to spend your hard-earned dining out dollars.

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