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VERACITY FOODIE REPORT – Jersey Mike’s Subs – 133 Margie Dr., Warner Robins, GA 31093

Last Wednesday, our crew invaded Jersey Mike’s Subs, in Warner Robins, Ga. Let’s see what they found!


For this segment of VFR, while rummaging around in Warner Robins, Georgia, our crew decided to tackle the Jersey Mike’s Subs location which is actually just next door to the Five Guys we evaluated in our very first episode of VFR.

Before they even made it through the door, our team was amused to find this sign taped inside the window, just before you walk in:

While peripherally amusing on its face, this is never an indication of good things to come before you even get through the door of a restaurant. That being said, our folks are pretty good-natured and took the warning with a grain of salt.

During this visit, the restaurant remained pretty empty, which was probably a good thing after reading that sign. Nevertheless, the interior was clean and featured hip music that, while it was a bit too loud for our taste within the compact and acoustically challenged confines of laminate, metal, and sheetrock, wasn’t terribly unpleasant.

Our group chose to order a couple of Giant-sized #43s off of the Cheesesteak menu at the end of this billboard. They also opted for the Rosemary sandwich roll and topped it all off with onions, peppers, and mushrooms. by the way, the #43 is the Chipotle Cheesesteak in case you didn’t know.

Like pretty much every other eatery in America, the prices at Jersey Mike’s have definitely increased of late. Nevertheless, our staff felt that the $15.95 price tag for each of these cheesesteaks was a bit excessive, despite the massive size of their sandwiches.

Jersey Mike's Subs

The sandwiches themselves were nothing less than amazing. One thing is for sure about Jersey Mike’s, they do not scrimp on their portion sizes. Each of these beasts weighed at least a pound and a half cooked (they didn’t have a scale with them, but the subs were pretty darn heavy).

The Chipotle mayonnaise, thick, freshly cooked beef, and succulently grilled toppings were enough to have our team’s mouths watering long before they took their first bites. Thick, hearty, thoroughly hot, and messily delicious, there is no way to eat these behemoths without plenty of extra napkins at the ready.

True to their word, (so much so that they felt the need to put it in writing on the window), we suspect the short-staffed roster led to the 11-minute wait time from the point when our folks ordered, until the time they received their sandwiches, even with only 2 other customers entering the restaurant during this visit. Can’t say they didn’t warn us.

Still, the slightly longer than average wait time for a freshly cooked, footlong brick of mouth-watering deliciousness was hardly as steep a price to pay as the actual total bill was.

For 2 of these beauties and 1 fountain soda, our staff’s bill came to $37.92 after tax. It was truly delicious and they did get a lot of food, but it’s still hard to justify almost $40 for lunch on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Warner Robins. After all, W.R. isn’t exactly Disney World.


Our overall grade: B+


The Positives:

  1. The food was incredibly delicious
  2. The restaurant and restrooms were very clean and attractive, producing only good aromas

The Negatives:

  1. The restaurant was short staffed
  2. Putting a sign in the window telling all newcomers about the staff shortage and asking for their patience implants negativity even before entering. A simple HELP WANTED sign would have said all the same things.
  3. The prices were unnecessarily excessive. Despite the excellent quality, it’s still a sandwich shop in suburban Georgia.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of The Veracity Foodie Report, and that it helps you in selecting where next to spend your hard-earned dining out dollars.

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