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When Can Georgians Expect the New Cash Assistance to Medicaid, SNAP, and/or TANF Recipients?

The Veracity Report and Wild Orchid Media will help explain when and how those benefits can be expected by eligible Georgia residents

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By now, most residents of Georgia know that Governor Brian Kemp recently authorized the payout of up to $350 to all Georgia residents who receive Medicaid, SNAP, and/or TANF benefits, but few know when or how they can expect to see that money. After coordinating with the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services to get legitimate answers, we will help make sense of that now.


The most common question we were asked by Georgians in the comments of our previous article regarding this payout was: Do I qualify?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. If you receive Medicaid benefits, food stamps, or TANF benefits, yes, you qualify and you will receive this money as long as you were receiving benefits before July 31st, 2022. People who were approved for benefits after 7/31/22 are not eligible to receive this money.



The next question we were asked a lot in the comments of our previous article is: How do I apply to get this money?

The really great news here is that you don’t have to do anything or apply anywhere to get this money. If you are eligible, you will get it automatically.



Another question we’ve been asked: How will I find out if I’m eligible or how will they contact me?

DHS will be communicating with eligible Georgians through the Georgia Gateway portal. All potentially eligible Georgians should log in to their Georgia Gateway accounts and ensure their personal information and contact preferences are up to date.



Another of the most frequent questions we’ve been getting is: When can I expect to see this money, and will it come as a check in the mail?

DHS has recently updated us on how and when they plan to disburse these funds to eligible Georgians. As it stands, if you are eligible, you will receive the cash assistance payment beginning in mid-September. DHS also says that the quickest payment delivery will be by eGift card, so you should select “email” as your contact preference within your Georgia Gateway and provide the best email address to contact you. Residents that do not have the email option checked, will eventually receive a paper check in the mail as long as their mailing address is accurate, but those payments will take longer.

These are, by far, the most common questions we were asked by you, our readers, since we published that initial article. If you should have any further questions that we did not address here, you should contact the Georgia Dept of Human Services either on their website at, or call the Department directly during business hours at 1-877-423-4746.

Compiled by investigative journalist Crystal Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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