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“The Twitter Files” Episode 6 Reveals Bombshell Emails Between the FBI and Twitter Execs Eliciting a Strong GOP Response

After learning about the wholesale censorship practiced between the FBI and Twitter, Republican leadership has declared that the FBI has a lot to answer for

The recent onslaught release of “The Twitter Files” has initiated a shocking look into the clandestine propaganda and censorship efforts of the FBI through social media. Is it possible that the manipulation is even more widespread than just Twitter? Sure, it’s possible, and many believe it is downright a foregone conclusion that other sites such as Meta, Tumblr, and even LinkedIn are similarly compromised.

In the most recent release of The Twitter Files designated as Episode 6, clandestine emails between Twitter officials and FBI agents are made public, leaving no doubt that the Bureau was in fact engaged in a concerted effort to influence, if not entirely suppress, social media information that did not fit a pre-conceived political narrative that was favorable to the Democratic Party.

The intent of those manipulations is what investigators need to focus on, however.

In a recent press release to Fox News Digital, and in its own defense, the FBI issued the following statement:

“The FBI regularly engages with private sector entities to provide information specific to identified foreign malign influence actors’ subversive, undeclared, covert, or criminal activities,” adding, “Private sector entities independently make decisions about what, if any, action they take on their platforms and for their customers after the FBI has notified them.”

That’s all well and good. After all, protecting Americans is a big part of their job. However, when we actually look at the actual emails released by Musk’s selected reporter Matt Taibbi, we can see that there don’t seem to be many noble or protective explanations that justify the content.




In response to this latest revelation by Taibbi, Republican leadership has wasted no time declaring that the FBI has a lot to answer for, and vehemently promising sweeping investigations into this and other such suspected FBI wrongdoing, such as the deliberate suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

What will be discovered? Nobody can tell. But since this is a developing story, you can rest assured that The Veracity Report will keep you up to date on the latest developments, without trying to manipulate or lessen the impact of the factual information as it is revealed.




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