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hunter bidens laptop

CBS News Recently Funded an Audit of the Device Believed to be Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive – This is What They Found

Recently, CBS News paid to have an independent forensic data tech company evaluate what looks more every day to be the hard drive from one of Hunter Biden’s abandoned MacBook Air Pros – what they found might shock a lot of people

hunter bidens laptop

A copy of the laptop hard drive (of which there are now many), was recently acquired by CBS News in an effort to validate the authenticity of the data which was allegedly extracted from at least one, and possibly all three, of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptops.

The copy was provided to CBS News by the lawyer for John Paul Mac Isaac, a Delaware computer repair shop owner who claims Hunter Biden left three MacBook Air Pros at his now-closed computer repair shop in 2019.

After notifying the authorities of the find when Hunter failed to reclaim any of the devices for over 9 months, Isaacs ultimately was subpoenaed for the equipment by the FBI and turned it over as requested, though not before making at least several copies of the device hard drives.

That independent analysis is now complete and, according to sources inside CBS News, has found no evidence of tampering or fabrication, or any activity whatsoever on the device after April of 2019.

Brian Della Rocca, the lawyer for the shop owner, provided what he referred to as an “exact copy” of the laptop data provided to federal investigators nearly three years ago. Della Rocca said he considers it “clean” because it predates versions that were widely circulated in late 2020.

The independent analysis was conducted by two cyber investigators from Minneapolis-based Computer Forensics Services, and it found no evidence that the user data had been modified in any way, fabricated, or tampered with. Nor did it find any new files that originated after April 2019, when Mac Isaac’s store records show the junior Biden dropped off 3 water damaged, MacBook Pro Airs to be repaired.

This digital forensic analysis was undertaken because the laptop data, as well as bank records, are at the center of the looming Republican-led House investigation into Biden family businesses.

There has also been a whirlwind of speculation, much of it absurd, about how easy it would be for that damning data to have been forged, fabricated, or tampered with in ways that would more negatively reflect on President Biden and his only living son.

The problem with that assessment, however, ends when the data in question consists of emails.

According to the auditors CBS News contracted to perform the evaluation of the data, emails are different because, unlike other computer content that is created locally (on one person’s computer) and which remains on that device, (like photos or videos), any data that is transmitted across email servers must go through at least one other independent host who, thanks to the Patriot act, must keep a record of that transmission for at last several years.

This means that if someone alleges to have sent an email or, in cases like this one, alleges to have not sent the emails, the records of the emails’ time and date stamps can very easily be compared to the records of the host. If the host can confirm the date, time, and exact size of the emailed data transmission, there is no way that the email could have been faked.

In contrast, if the host has no record of an email being sent between those exact two IP addresses (the unique identifying information of every computer that is linked to the internet), and at the exact time depicted on the emails themselves, then the emails in questions are undeniably fake.

According to these fellas, their forensic analysis of the contents of the copied hard drives found that each of the over 100,000 emails they examined and compared to host server logs, matched exactly. They also found no evidence that any of the photographic or video evidence found on the device showed any of the telltale signs of tampering or fabrication, though they did not elaborate on what methods they used in making that determination.

In a responsorial statement, Christopher Clark, an attorney for Hunter Biden had this to say:

“…there have been multiple attempts to hack, infect, distort, and peddle misinformation regarding Mr. Biden’s devices and data. There are ongoing efforts to utilize the infected and distorted data to spread disinformation. At no time did any individual…have Mr. Biden’s consent to access his computer data or share it with others.”

At no point in Clark’s statement did he address questions related to the specific data, documents, or personal identification, which was analyzed, nor did he comment directly on the conclusions formed by Computer Forensics Services’ findings.

The analysts at Computer Forensics Services went on to say:

“There is such a vast amount of data that was accumulated over time that is personal in nature. Everything from pictures to personal documents, to photographs, text messages, and emails. And just the sheer volume of what we’re dealing with it would be difficult, if not impossible, to fabricate. The data was accumulated over time in a manner “consistent with normal, everyday use of a computer,” said Sean Lanterman, the company’s incident response director.

That ‘normal’ everyday laptop activity also appears to have come to an abrupt halt in March 2019, according to the audit. That was a few weeks before the computer was brought in for repairs, apparently the result of liquid damage.

The audit that was conducted turned up more than 120,000 emails, some 30,000 text messages, as well as a plethora of pictures, video, personal forms of identification, and voicemails from the user profile data.

Computer Forensics Services’ chief technology officer, Mark Lanterman, said he has no doubt the data was created by Hunter Biden.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this data was created by Hunter Biden, and that it came from a computer under Mr. Biden’s control,” he said.

In addition to analyzing the records’ underlying data for potential anomalies, the audit also identified multiple voicemails apparently from future President Biden.

One particularly telling voicemail message from the elder Biden said:

“It’s Dad. I called to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world, pal. Got to get some help, you gotta get some help. I don’t know what to do. I know you don’t either, but I am here no matter what you need, no matter what you need, I love you.”

GOP lawmakers also noted one particular May 2017 email that promises to be at the core of their congressional probe.

That email, with the subject line, “Expectations,” outlines a “provisional agreement” for “equity” in a deal with a Chinese energy company.

As it turns out, two of Hunter’s former business partners, including Tony Bobulinski, who was the recipient of that particular email, have told Congress that “10 held by H for the big guy?” is shorthand for 10% held by Hunter for his father.

But when the email became public in 2020, the author, James Gilliar, told the Wall Street Journal that Joe Biden was not involved. As you might imagine, Gilliar has not responded to repeated requests for a statement or an interview with The Veracity Report.

Meanwhile, Bobulinski had a rather serious falling out with Hunter Biden and has been extremely critical of the president and his son. His appearance and interview on Fox News came on the heels of the initial reports in the New York Post about the laptop. While Republicans — including then-President Donald Trump and allies such as Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani — championed the newspaper’s reporting, then-candidate Joe Biden called it disinformation, and a “Russian plant.”

The president has also said that he has “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

Of course, The White House has also repeatedly declined to comment on the contents of the computer or the claims made by Bobulinski.

“They’re going to look at every part of the Joe Biden administration,” said Republican strategist Doug Heye. “A lot of this is also going to be aggressive on Hunter specifically. We’re gonna hear a lot about the laptop.”

Heye said he expects Congressional investigations to look at “Who profited? Was the law broken? Was it not broken? Were there serious national security issues? And then there’s the political, you can never really separate the two,” Heye said. “If there’s dirt there, that will dirty him up. If not, those attacks can backfire.”


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