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Genealogical DNA Solves Another 33-Year-Old Cold Case

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Lisa Coburn Kesler

The constantly evolving, highly controversial science has once again done what conventional investigative techniques have failed to do for over 3 decades

Lisa Coburn Kesler


Over the past three decades, various methods have been employed to identify the remains. It was only with the advent of genetic genealogy that forensic genealogist Leslie Kaufman successfully located a couple of Lisa’s cousins, leading to the breakthrough in the identification of the human remains discovered some 33 years previously in North Carolina.

The remains were initially found in 1990 and have now been determined to belong to Lisa Coburn Kesler, a 20-year-old Jackson County, Georgia resident.

Investigators suspect that the young woman was tragically strangled to death approximately one week before her body was discovered by road workers along Interstate 40 East, near the Chapel Hill exit.

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