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Living the Yurt Life

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Does living in a circular dwelling make otherwise square lives more interesting?


I have to confess, I first got the idea to do this story about a month ago. While recording an episode of my true crime podcast The Veritas 7, (available from Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts) I learned that one of the victims whose case I was detailing, actually lived in a very modern-style yurt. That’s right, despite working in a real estate office (not as an agent but as the office manager), this 59-year-old mother of two grown children actually lived with her husband in the most modern yurt I’ve ever seen.

That episode: The Bizarre Death of Debbie Collier, really got me thinking about people living in yurts in 2023. But to my utter shock, I also found out that there are a lot more people who live in numerous more modern versions of yurts than I had ever thought I would find. As soon as I learned that fact, I knew this article, and probably a few others on the subject were absolutely going to happen.

So without further delay, I hope you enjoy this blurt about yurts.


In the world of unconventional housing, yurts stand out like a spherical gem in a field of rectangles. These portable, tent-like structures have been a staple of nomadic cultures for centuries. But what happens when modern folks decide to embrace the circular life? Let’s take a humorous look at the quirks and perks of yurt living.


Yurt Yoga – The ultimate stretch

Yurt enthusiasts have perfected the art of yurt yoga. With its curved walls and open space, you’ll find yourself stretching and contorting in ways you never thought possible. Downward yurt? Check. Yurtward dog? Absolutely. It’s a whole new level of zen, brought to you by the magic of circular living.


Furniture Tetris – curves vs. corners

Furnishing a yurt is a unique challenge. Say goodbye to your beloved rectangular couch; it’s time for some serious furniture Tetris. Circular rugs, bean bags, and ottomans suddenly become your best friends. Embrace the curve, and let your inner interior designer shine.


The weather conundrum – new meaning to a Circular Forecast

Yurt dwellers have a special relationship with weather forecasts. While most folks worry about rain coming straight down, yurt enthusiasts have to calculate for raindrops that occasionally defy gravity due to the curve of the roof. It’s a meteorological mystery that keeps yurt occupants on their toes.


Circular conversations – highlighting your circle of friends

Ever noticed how conversations flow differently in a yurt? The lack of corners means there are no hiding spots for your secrets. You’re in the spotlight, surrounded by an intimate circle of friends. It’s the perfect setting for deep conversations, awkward confessions, and the occasional interpretive dance-off.


The underappreciated yurt identity crisis

Living in a yurt sometimes leads to a bit of an identity crisis. Are you a camper? A minimalist? A modern nomad? It’s like the yurt itself isn’t quite sure. One thing’s for sure, though; you’re definitely a trendsetter.


Commuting yurt –  do you feel like a hamster in a wheel?

Leaving your yurt can be a surreal experience. Stepping from the curved space into the angular world outside is like entering a portal to an alternate dimension. Suddenly, squares dominate your vision, and you’re left wondering if you’ve crossed into a geometry-themed sci-fi movie.


Dance party yurting

When it’s time to party, yurts take center stage. The circular layout encourages a natural flow of movement, making it the ultimate dance party venue. Plus, the acoustics are top-notch, ensuring that every beat reverberates with maximum groove potential.


Yurt balanced – living at peace in the round

There’s a certain harmony that comes with yurt living. The absence of sharp angles creates a sense of flow and tranquility. It’s like Mother Nature herself designed your living space, gently nudging you towards a more rounded perspective on life.

In the world of housing, yurts are the whimsical outliers, proving that sometimes, a little curve can add a whole lot of character. So, if you’re ready to embrace a lifestyle that’s equal parts quirky and cozy, consider giving yurt living a spin. After all, who needs four walls when you can have one big, beautiful circle?

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